Ahmad Jamal Majid, MBA

Adjunct Professor / Lecturer Ahmad Majid, has over thirteen years of teaching experience at Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs; both at University and at Adult Education Centers; in Austria and also abroad. These experiences have mainly been within English language programs but also were gained in bilingual teaching environment. The student body has been a mix of local, migrant origin and international students.

Depending on the nature of the course and the participants, the teaching has either focused on interactive approach as in case of Adult Education courses or when within a University’s structured program, the methodology followed is: lecture, problem solving and revision through a daily quiz. The control is in form of exams and class participation. The material used is high quality standard books, authored by experts in their field, but also has used self authored scripts – author to four accounting and two entrepreneurship scripts. Often case studies are used as basis of teaching.

Practicality and association with real life cases is the main credo. Thus, teaching has been going away from classical lecture to more of seminar natured education. Though, all of adult education courses are workshops. Majid has also supervised numerous Bachelor dissertations.

Majid’s area of expertise is Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has also taught Business English, Controlling, Doing Business in India, Presentation / Communication / Negotiation and Strategic Management and other miscellaneous Accounting courses.

Core competence

Financial Accounting: Introduces accounting with an emphasis on the relationships between business events and financial statements.

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